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and we teach people how.

What we do

We design and deploy sensing tools for communities, organizations and businesses — and we teach people how. Our kits, the networks we deploy and the workshops we run help people know more about and better measure and manage the world around them.

Soil, Field and Farm Innovation

Humidity, temperature, moisture, pH and other sensors provide real-time information on growing conditions and can help farmers automate information, irrigation and greenhouse climate management.

Forest & Land Environments

Light, temperature, humidity and moisture are (some of the) keys to understanding the impact of local/global climate variation. Real-time information helps people plan and fund initiatives that work.

Aquatic Environment

Real-time pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and temperature (and other) sensors are cost-effective ways to know if water is good for fin fish, shellfish and plants. Important for farmers, communities (& fish).

Built and Urban Environments

Building conditions matter, as do traffic flow, trash accumulation and water run-off. Connected sensors enable people respond to built environment conditions, as they happen.

It's like Legos!

Student Building ENV Board Sensor

This is great work. Kudos to you and your team on this!

Island Grown Farm Executive Director

I bought 500,000 seed oysters early because of your data.

Ward Aquafarmer

Modular Sensor Kits

We think of tech as tools. With our modular ENV Board you can easily create sensors for water, soil, air and built environments. We’ll even provide starter code to get you up and running.

Sensors can connect us to Life!

Participant Response to "What did you learn?"

We can go bag lettuce!

Greenhouse Grower In Response to "How can this data help you?"

Workshop Case Studies

HereLab is all about applied learning, for anyone at any age. And, learning happens best with real-world challenges. These case studies are demonstrated proof.


Our end-to-end manufacturing, engineering and data partners.




MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.

Thing Innovations

Thing Innovations

Open Engineering

Thing Innovations is the Internet of Things development consultancy and showcase for ADL Software Consulting Ltd, a small consultancy based in West Berkshire offering design and development services for a range of Internet of Things and sensor related products.

Open Sensors

Open Sensors

Open Data

Open Data puts people first.
By embracing Open Data we are better able to give individuals and organizations the tools they need to experiment, innovate, research and build better systems and opportunities, ranging from business to art to government.

Whitebox Labs

Whitebox Labs

Open Hardware

Whitebox Labs is open source technology for managed ecosystems aquariums, aquacultures, hydroponics, indoor gardens, urban farms. We truly believe in open technology and welcome everyone to fork our products to create their own – or to contribute to our projects.

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As a public good community organization we thrive on public engagement. We particularly seek conversations with schools, organizations and towns looking to understand the possible social and economic impacts of connected sensing.

If you are looking to work with us:

We are a collection of individuals who like technology and love community. If you are interested in working with us send us a note.