Know Your Environment.

We design IoT hardware that speeds environment intelligence.


Your Device Platform

Easily integrate almost any sensor into our radio-enabled hardware.


We Share Knowhow.

Our workshops help you understand the business and social value of environmental sensing.


How can we help you?

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Our IoT platform enables rapid deployment of intelligent edge devices.


Farm Innovation

We build modular, long range IoT sensing hardware. We’ve integrated tensiometer, soil moisture, pH & electroconductivity and provide real time data and edge actuation.


Green Building

Our hardware provides integrated firmware solutions for light, sound, motion, temperature, humidity, sonic range-finding capacitance and conductivity.


Design Solutions

With over 15 years in combined IoT and embedded device engineering experience we bring low power, actuation and security insight to IoT architecture.



Our user focused workshops help people understand the business, technical and social value and impact of environmental sensing and help integrate IoT into work and life.

Sensors can connect us to Life!

Participant Response to "What did you learn?"

We can go bag lettuce!

Greenhouse Grower In Response to "How can this data help you?"

I bought 500,000 seed oysters early because of your data.


"It's like Lego!"

Student Sensor Builder

Our IoT workshops stimulate business and community innovation.