HereLab's Hardware

Create hardware that's easy to use and suits the need.

We design every piece of hardware from the ground up for soil, air, water and built environments. We integrate industry-tested sensors so companies and communities can get up and running quickly.

Prototypes and R&D

Design sensing tools that are plug and play.

Whether designing a prototype for a sensor manufacturer, a system integrator or a small city we approach low power, radio-enabled sensing from the user's perspective. Everyone needs purposeful measurement, but everyone's needs are different.

Civic & Corporate Consulting

Help people understand social, business and technical value.

In these early days of IoT so much is left to interpretation, or worse — guesswork. Instead, we work from proofs of concept — working sensors — to help people in companies and communities not only understand, but own the means of producing and consuming data.

Patrick Phillips

Founder, CEO

Andrew Lindsay

Engineering Partner

Joaquim Oller

Engineering Partner