Way back when

We decided to teach and build.

We began two years ago as an applied IoT hardware studio. Even now, as we develop 'not-so-local' products, we remain true to our applied IoT roots.

What exactly is HereLab?

HereLab is an IoT design-build consultancy. We accelerate IoT product development and deployment through reference designs, close channel partnerships and dogged execution. And, we teach people how.

How do I work with HereLab?

We collaborate to design the best applied hardware and software solutions. You bring us your prototype, product and/or connectivity need. We will work with you and our channel partners to rapidly develop a tested and well designed approach.

Is HereLab a hardware and a data company?

HereLab is not in the data business. We may soon get into the Quality of Service (QOS) and edge intelligence business. In that case, we will work hard to make sure our customers have the needed up time and are producing the most relevant and useful data.

Is HereLab an IoT educational organization?

Our roots are in education. We strongly believe in the human / environment connection of IoT. We want to make sure people understand the how’s and what’s of IoT and why remote, connected sensing matters to a business, organization or community.

What is HereLab's primary business goal?

As a business, we want to constantly foster a shared approach to the best and most efficient use of resources. If we are successful, we will also be profitable. And, we will profit the business, organizational and social aspirations of the people we work with and for.

What's next?

Based on our experience and “read” of the industry, we are developing an innovative, very low cost reference design. Our downloadable firmware snippets will soon be available. We aim to make it crazy simple for anyone to deploy a proof of concept — and even launch their own product. Stay tuned!


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Our KPI? Harvest knowledge, stay lean and ship products.

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