Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number

Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number. Why can we not have 2 mobiles on the same number in the uk when you can in europe? Can you have two phones with the same number?

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The short answer is no. cell phone carriers will not activate the same number on two different phones for security and privacy reasons; On another level, it is possible to have two cell phones programmed to the same number. I have two accounts and when i try to add my phone number it says “this phone number is already in use for another account.” i can use my same authenticator for both accounts, why not the same phone number?

The Short Answer Is No. Cell Phone Carriers Will Not Activate The Same Number On Two Different Phones For Security And Privacy Reasons;

According to the user from the answer below, you can add the same phone number for your multiple accounts, but you need to enter the security code after adding your mobile number to the second account (while trying to login to your second account). Can i have 2 appleid for same phone number? Instant (which requires you to.

Yes Yes, Its Called A Virtual Sim, It Allows You To Have Unlimited Phone Numbers, All You Have To Do Is To Download An App That Provides This Service, I Use Numeroesim App For This, I’ll Add The Link To Their Website In The Comments, You Can Use Their Virtual Numbers Like Any Other Number For Calls And Messages, But If You Want To Activate Data On These Virtual Numbers, Then Your Device Has.

Two cell phones that share the same number may sound convenient, since it would essentially be like having a home phone outside the house,. From the start menu, select control panel. Tap bank. up to two different venmo accounts can add a single bank.

Close The Control Panel Window.

The answer is yes, it really is possible! If you decide to enter the same number, you won’t be able to use the standard whatsapp version. Next to your current account info, tap the arrow to.

It’s Called Cloning, & Is Very Illegal, & Very Traceable & Reconciled By Your Service Provider When Reported.

Most likely liz changed her number and her old number has been deactivated. Hi, i’m trying to get my 4 extra bag slots. Yes two people within the same network or on different networks can in fact have the same exact phone number.

When Prompted To Enter Your Phone Number, Enter A Different Phone Number To The One That You Already Have Linked To Your Current Whatsapp Account.

You can check if liz pick up a phone if you dial your number from different phone. Can you have two phones with the same number? We’re going to address a few different phone types, and carriers including at&t, verizon, bell canada, rogers, and others.

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