HereLab Case Studies

We bring people in schools, orgs, gov. and business together to solve local challenges with internet connected sensors. We call these “Labs.” Here are our current case studies.

HereLab Canopy Phenology - Polly Hill

Tree Lab

We are working with a local arboretum to help them with canopy phenology — putting sensors in trees.

HereLab Pond Lab

Pond Lab

We are working with a local pond foundation to profile dissolved oxygen and temperature, real-time.

Ag Lab

We are working with a 40 acre farm and CSA to enable them to monitor greenhouse and field growing conditions.

About These Projects

Workshops are central to our efforts to build community through internet connected sensors and real time information.

Applied learning brings practical, innovative knowhow and capacity to whole communities.

Our initial efforts deliberately focused on farms, forests, and ponds because there is strong organizational leadership, high local interest and clear applications for people young and older to learn. We’re building networks and community.

Attendees win because they get practical knowledge. Organizations win because they receive real time data networks. And the community wins because new knowledge and data point to potential social and economic innovation.

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