How To Process A Deer Hind Quarter References

How To Process A Deer Hind Quarter References. He then trims off what will be grinding. The tenderizer breaks up the muscle fibers to improve the overall tenderness of the meat.

How To Process A Deer Hind Quarter References How to and from

Learn how to grow, hold and harvest. > now comes the part that’s a bit more complicated; There will be a seepage of blood, so be prepared for it.

Baste It With Its Roasting Juices Every 45 Minutes.

How to process a deer hind quarter. We are going to use the outdoor edge bone saw to quickly remove the hind quarters. The process of breaking down the deer hind quarter however is largely the same.

With The Front Legs, You Start By Simply Deboning In As Large Of Chunks As You Can.

You can feel the bone through the meat with your fingers to place your cut, then slice gently downward until you hit the femur. He then trims off what will be grinding. That will expose a seam that runs right down to the femur.

Drag The Deer Away From The Field To A Safe Place Where You Can Easily Skin It And Quarter It Later.

Remove roast from refrigerator, and remove plastic wrap. Use a sharp knife to cut away the backstraps. After its rested, lift the hind quarter out of the roaster and allow the drippings to stay in the pan.

How To Process A Deer's Hind Quarters | Identifying Cuts Of Meat.

Lightly cut the fascia holding it to the larger muscles on either side, pull it free, and add it to your grind or stew meat pile. Using the vertebrae as your reference, slice from the top of the hips clear down through the neck, as you can retrieve the neck meat during this step as well. Then, move your knife around the joint with the flat of the blade, cutting the ligaments and carefully working your knife around the elbow joint as deeply as possible.

> Now Comes The Part That’s A Bit More Complicated;

Twist the joint firmly and snap it off. With the point of your knife, find the joint and make an incision. Lay the deer down in a sideways position and cut its anus to its neck.

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