How To Soften Toenails Home Remedy Ideas

How To Soften Toenails Home Remedy Ideas. Therefore, if you are looking for home remedies for thick toenails, this is just what you need. Soak your nails in lemon water for 5 minutes.

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You should use a toenail grinder on the top of the big toenail. You can leave them submerged for 15 or 20 minutes without a problem. Dry your feet well and apply a softening cream or some baby oil to them and your nails.

Take A Softening Cream And Apply It On Your Toenails.

Soak your feet into the solution for half an hour. Get your feet from the tub and pat them dry using a soft towel. Simply apply the gel to the toenails, and carry on to wrap the cling film around the toe.

Soak Your Feet In Warm, Soapy Water.

Soak your nails in lemon water for 5 minutes. Mix about 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt in it. This will soften, clean and disinfect your nails all in one go.

Then, Wash Off The Cream And Use A Nail Clipper And Nail File To Trim Your Nails.

Then we suggest having a foot bath with salted water to soften and make the thick toenails thinner. If you have no idea of how to soften toenails, use the methods mentioned already. This improves the nails' appearance and if your nails are thick because of fungus, filing your nails thinner will help the treatment reach the fungus.

Clean The Affected Area With Water And Soap Regularly.

Mix several drops of tea tree oil with 1 tsp of olive or coconut oil; Soak your feet in warm salt water in your tub or basin for about 30 minutes really help make your toenail soft enough for cutting. First soften your nails by applying a urea cream and wrapping your feet in bandages at night.

Dip Your Nails In This Solution For 10 Minutes And Wash Your Nails With Water.

Repeat this process at least two times a day until you feel satisfied that your toenails are now soft enough and can be cut safely. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Keeping the affected area clean is a must to avoid infection.

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