Iphone 13 Pro Battery Life Test


Iphone 13 Pro Battery Life Test. These are, of course, laboratory ratings, and don’t match how we use our devices, but one youtuber did an impressive test of iphone battery life comparing iphone 13, 12, 11, and se models in continuous use. Apple iphone 13 pro max (65w pd) 1:54h;

iPhone XS Max battery life crushed by Samsung Note 9 from 9to5mac.com

According to maini, iphone 13 pro max is not only the best iphone for battery life but also the best phone ever tested, too. 7 hours and 45 minutes. Apple’s quoted improvements over the 12 pro models are one and a half hours.

Further, The 13 Pro Max Shows An Average Drop Of Only 1% Overnight.

Go to and enter promo code boss for 83% off and 3 months free! Ibattery life (hours:mins) iphone 13 pro max: Sunday — 11h 37min screen on time, around 90% of charge used.

Apple Iphone 13 Pro Max (65W Pd) 1:54H;

Apple iphone 13 pro max 1:46h; The google device and xiaomi 12 pro died in quick succession shortly afterward while the iphone still had 30 percent juice left. Iphone 12 pro max :

The Iphone 13 Gets A 12.41 Wh Battery This Year, While The Iphone 13 Pro Has A Smaller 11.97 Wh Battery.

Samsung galaxy z fold3 5g 1:46h; Apple’s quoted improvements over the 12 pro models are one and a half hours. The video playback lasts 22 hours on the iphone 13 pro and 19 hours on the standard iphone 13.

Photo By Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge.

It comes down to the pixel 6 pro’s extremely poor battery life test result. Apple iphone 13 pro max 1:46h; Also, the iphone 13 pro features a 120hz display that can consume more energy than the.

Full Battery Life Drain Test Of The Iphone 13 Pro Max, Iphone 13 Pro, Iphone 13, Iphone 13 Mini, Iphone 12, Iphone 11, Iphone Se!

The iphone 13 pro got over eight hours in continuous usage, and the 13 pro max lasted for just under 10 hours. The iphone 12 pro comes with a 2815 mah. The 13 pro has an 11 percent larger battery, and the 13 pro max’s battery is an astonishing 18.5 percent larger.

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