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HereLab Agriculture Hub

Want realtime soil moisture, drip line psi and rain info? You can plug in Watermarks, tie in a transducer and hook up temp and a rain gauge. Oh, and one season on one C-cell battery.

Our Ag Hub is an AgTech Design Template 

We work with farmers, sensor manufacturers and data people to design the best field, barn and greenhouse sensing tools.

Onboard sensor interfaces for soil, water, irrigation and weather enable rapid development and POC deployments.

And, our code libraries, for an expanding number of sensors, enable you to use familiar sensors and send realtime data — fast.

Design to Purpose

We design to solve real world problems. Modularity and reference designs allow us to quickly design to fit the purpose. With our use-driven boards and code libraries we can rapidly retool to design single purpose hardware in our rapid prototype lab. Contact us for a quick consultation.

Data Agnostic

We can point all data to your preferred provider. Or we can recommend data services to meet your need. We don’t have one solution for your connectivity. You decide the best data and business model to suit your information and business needs.

HereLab Urban Hub 

Want motion, light and sound detection? Need to monitor water flow, humidity or CO2? With our reference designs your POC won’t cost you years.

Our Urban Hub is a “Smart City” Design Template

Our Urban Hub is an IoT testbed. Managed service providers and product developers can quickly deploy “smart city” POCs and test business models.

Our Urban Hub engineering and code reference design can onboard most any sensor quickly and our telemetry libraries can test data send assumptions in a snap.

Whether you’re outfitting a campus or developing a single-purpose product our reference designs will accelerate your IoT initiative.

Efficiently Lowering Cost

We work with managed service providers, architects and designers to help you design, develop and deploy suitable, low cost solutions.

Some “smart city” solutions lock you in to platforms. The engineering costs required for those expensive devices gets passed along to the end customer. We don’t work that way.

HereLab is a product and building manager partner. We don’t pass along cost — we pass along knowhow. That matters when getting tested building solutions to scale.

Sensor Integrations

For all engineering integrations we also develop firmware and software for data and connectivity.

Note: Links in description lead to product datasheets.


Soil Moisture


WATERMARK 200SS soil moisture sensor is a solid-state electrical resistance device that is used to measure soil water tension. 

Soil Moisture


SENTEK EnviroScan sensor can measure soil moisture + temperature or soil moisture + temperature + salinity.

Soil Moisture


SENSIRION SHTx sensors are SMT designed humidity and temperature sensors and can measure “soil humidity.”

Sap Flow


ENDAPHIC sap flow sensors measure heat pulse velocity as the movement of fluid in the roots, stems and branches of plants

Leaf Wetness


PHYTOS leaf wetness sensor uses capacitance to sense sub-milligram levels of water condensing on its surface.



EOSENSE CO2 probes collect data for research challenges such as carbon sequestration in soil, rivers, and lakes.


Dallas SemiConductor

DALLAS SEMICONDUCTOR DS18B20 digital thermometer provides one-wire temperature measurements.



Atlas Scientific

ATLAS SCIENTIFIC pH probe (potential of Hydrogen) measures the hydrogen ion activity in a liquid.

Dissolved Oxygen

Atlas Scientific

ATLAS SCIENTIFIC DO probe is a waterproof oxygen sensor that applies a small, mV current to measure oxygen in water.

Dissolved Oxygen

Ponsel Mesure

PONSEL MESURE DO optical probe does not consume oxygen and measures in very low oxygen concentrations.


Atlas Scientific

ATLAS SCIENTIFIC Conductivity probe measures electrical conductivity to monitor nutrients, salts or impurities in water.


Atlas Scientific

ATLAS SCIENTIFIC ORP probe measures the potential loss (oxydation) of electrons and gain (reduction) of electrons in water.

Buildings, air & water

Temp. Humidity & Pressure


BOSCH BME280 is a combined digital humidity, pressure and temperature sensor used for interior climate measurement.



SHINYEI Dust particle sensor uses a light scattering (laser) method, to continuously detect airborne particles.

Temperature & Humidity


MAXDETECT RHTO3 humidity and temperature sensor is a low cost humidity and temperature sensor with a single wire digital interface.

Temperature & Humidity

Silicon Labs

SILICON LABS temp & humidity sensors is a low-power, digital solution for measuring humidity, dew-point, and temperature.

Ambient Light

Taos (ams AG)

TAOS/ams AG TSL2560 sensor is a light-to-digital converter that transforms light intensity to a digital signal output.



GAS SENSING SOLUTIONS COZIR uses a small (LED) that generates infrared energy only at the wavelength needed to measure CO2.


Analog Devices

ANALOG DEVICES ADMP401 is a low power, analog output, bottom-ported omnidirectional MEMS microphone.

Presence PIR


PANASONIC PIR sensor is a High-sensitive and “focusable” motion detection sensor with a built-in amplifier.

Time of Flight, Distance


STMICRO Time of Flight sensor – VL53L0X is a laser-range module for distance measurement in varied reflectances.

Water Flow

Grove /Seeed

GROVE / SEEED Flow Sensor uses a water rotor and a hall-effect sensor to output pulses in flowing water.

Water Volume/Depth

Impress Sensor Systems

IMPRESS SENSOR SYSTEMS IMCL Depth Sensor is a pressure sensor designed for level measurement of water, fuels or oils.



G.TOP low power GPS module provides instant Time-to-First Fix (TTFF), under low receptive, high velocity conditions.

Arrow Partnership

We are very proud to be an Arrow partner. Together we have the ability to design, manufacture and scale any IoT application, worldwide.

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