We help people and IoT work hand in hand.

From product design to hands on workshops, HereLab is committed to creating business and social impact.

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Our libraries can reduce dev time by 80%

Rapid Design & Development

People need to go from idea to application — fast. Rapid POCs require knowledge of telemetry, coding, electricity, data, PCBs, electrical components, and a host of other things. Most important is knowledge of the environment and the people who will use the tools we create. Getting all this right matters most to us — so you can get up and running — fast.

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Design for Manufacturing

Hardware design is most defined by the way the concept works — all the way to the hands of the user. This means getting our engineering partners in early to identify cost, source parts, limit time and define limits. Every device requires well orchestrated community knowhow.

Creating a new sense of place

Social Impact Sensing

From small cities to college classrooms, enabling people to understand IoT’s impact on community is vital. IoT, through what we call “civic sensing,” democratizes data, connects people to environments in new ways and can create pathways to new and stronger local economies.

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Labs & Workshops

Our end user, corporate and organizational workshops bring new tools, knowhow and new ways of using IoT devices. We know we have to make all this simple in order for it to be consistently useful. Get in touch for more information about our single and multi-day IoT “labs.” We’ll show you how!